Ship St, Wanchai

Barbar is a place where the name itself is a nod to the raw, unrefined energy of a convivial Spanish tapas bar. Barbar’s interior is a thoughtful tribute to its Spanish roots, executed with a design philosophy that values authenticity and simplicity. The atmosphere is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements. Weathered wood adorns the walls and ceilings, while the terrazzo flooring grounds the space in present-day sophistication. This thoughtful juxtaposition sets the tone for an experience that is rooted in heritage but polished with contemporary sensibilities.

The heart of Barbar is its full-length open kitchen, a stage where the theatricality of Spanish tapas is on full display. The open layout not only invites guests to witness the culinary ballet but also reinforces the social essence of tapas dining. Countertops of rich viola marble add a touch of understated luxury, their deep hues and intricate veins contrasting beautifully with the raw textures of wood. Every design choice at Barbar is intentional, from the strategic lighting that casts a warm, inviting glow to the selection of furnishings that marry function with style.


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