When thinking about the design direction of the Curator Shop, we looked to the past, particularly at works of art, that gave us clues about how public spaces shaped encounters. The look and feel of traditional gathering places were playfully captured in the art of Jean Beraud in particular. The interiors of these paintings were successful in framing the moment, without dominating the scene. Colour palates are muted, warm and earth tones take precedent. The space of activity is articulated with pared-back ornament. Pendant lighting highlights the space in a uniform manner, and walls are adorned with feature mirrors that expand the field of view. Differing floor finishes denote zones for seating and zones for perusing. The stories told through materials was the starting point in our conversation with the client about how the character of the space might be fleshed out.

A large selection of wines for sale are displayed on brass shelves, framed by a wainscot panel wall behind. A cabinet of curiosities flanks the rear wall, housing rarer wines and whiskeys. A deli counter is dressed in slabs of silver dragon marble,  and timber half dowels, with a refrigerated glass display rising from the center. Food is served from the Compass cafe kitchen, giving back room to the Curator shop for more adaptive use.  Since most of the cured meats, rare cheeses and wine on sale here are unfamiliar to the local palate, the Curator Shop serves the neighbourhood as a place of discovery. Loose furniture can be redistributed within the room, giving functional space for venues, talks, tasting events and gatherings.


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