Kennedy Town HONG KONG

Brash Atelier played a fundamental role in refining the brand identity that Winston’s Coffee has become recognised for. An important design aspect of Winston’s Coffee is the muted colour palate of black and white, expressed in the cinematic signage and chequered floor tiles. The blackened exterior wall profile becomes a silhouette that frames the white interior, punctuated by solid pinewood shelves that line the inner and outer walls of cafe.

We had a strong desire to return space back to the street. By setting the perimeter wall of the café back to the primary building column, the space where a glass curtain wall might have otherwise existed gives way to other possibilities, creating a semi enclosed threshold that is both street and stage. The atmosphere of Winstons is both Melancholic and enigmatic, evoking the likes of Hopper and de Chirico, with a design that is pared back to its essentials, bringing the coffee and the patrons to the fore.